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Product Code
LT8903 RGB

- Designed for RGB LED colour variations
- Built-in 18 pre-set mode functions plus adjustable brightness & speed functions
- Independent control of three RGB channels to create full colour control
- Total maximum output current is 3A
- Adjustable 256 grey scale for fine and smooth colour changes
- Static brightness and colou control: 16 steps for each RGB channel, i.e. 4096 different colours
- Equipped with IR remote controller
- In conjunction with repeaters, control can be extended indefinitely
- Easy installation & user friendly

Technical Specifications
Input/output voltage: 4-24V DC (Auto-Switch)
Max output current: 3A/CHANNEL x 3 CHANNEL
Max output power at 24V: (24 x 3A) x 3CH = 216W
Working temperature: -20ºC --- +50ºC

L: 105mm W: 45mm H: 28mm

Wiring Diagram
See image to left.