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S9520/3x1700 AR111 LED RECESSED DOWNLIGHT - Silver / White

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* Input 500mA 3X17W 3X1600 lumen AR111 LED constant current lamp included 
* Two way centre tilt 30˚, Beam angle available in 24 or 36 degree
* Dimmable with trailing edge dimmer, 
* Powder coated finish, Pressed steel casing

* LED AR111 lamp(s) & driver(s) included
* 1.2 m flex & plug fitted
* IP20 suitable for indoor use only
* Available fitting colours: White, Silver
* Available colour temperature: Warm White 

See attached images.

Colour / Finish
White or Silver

Warm White in:

CRYSTALlight AR111 for S9520/1700

Constant current lamp
Input 500mA, 3X17W 4600 lumen
Beam angle available in 24o and 65o
Dimmable with trailing edge dimmer SDD350 & SDA450


* 1-10V dimming
* Digital dimming (DSI, DALI)